‘[This is] spine-shivering territory, the haunted past reaching out to touch the present, and turn it on its head. A book full of “real” women from an exciting new writer.’
– Dame Fiona Kidman

'This is the best written book I have read in ages. I really like the three stories that intersect. I also really like the symbolism and imagery.' – Karyn White,

Weathered Bones (Penguin 2009)

“The storm was more than a weather pattern. It was alive. Outside the wind got its hands around everything and dug its nails in. The garden was dragged down, its petals and leaves kicked off. When morning came it would stay flattened. Windows rattled, and across the road the sea pounded the shore throwing grey pebbles far up onto the asphalt.”

Evoking strong themes of art and unusual friendships, this first novel weaves together three distinct strands of narrative. Weathered Bones tells the story of Antoinette, a widowed grandmother, Grace, an emotional young wife, and Eliza, the lighthouse keeper from another century, in a book of dark water, flowers and midnight paintings. One night, an ancient and cursed storm brings the three together.
Inspired by the real life character of New Zealand’s first light house keeper at Pencarrow Lighthouse, Eliza becomes a presence in Grace and Antoinette’s lives, demanding an audience, a voice, and perhaps even a life of her own in the present day . .

Listener Review: Under the Weather by Louise O'Brien

"The tumult of the plot is set beautifully against the wild Wellington coast. It’s a very watery book, full of the sea, waves and rain. With the air “Granny Smith crisp” and the sea “a patch of perfect blue”, Wellington’s harbour is the sensory focus of the story – the view out every window, the soundtrack to every scene. In all its guises, whether welcoming, threatening or tranquilising, it is a setting that is wonderfully evoked and lovingly drawn..."

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Touch Compass
(David Ling Publishing 2007)

A non fiction commission for this world-renown company’s ten year celebration. Touch Compass is NZ's premier integrated dance company combining dancers with and without disability in ground breaking professional performances and events. The company's acclaimed choreography and stunning aerial work has astounded audiences both nationally and internationally.

“This gorgeously illustrated book celebrates and chronicles the first decade of the Company’s achievements. Company members offer intriguing insights into their dancing lives and the challenges of integrated dance, continuing to expand our perceptions of what is dance and who can be a dancer. Photographs soar, spring and leap off the page recalling wonderful moments in the theatre and joy that their dancing brings to others.” Raewyn Whyte – City Mix Dance editor 2007.